Haus of Confidence provides patients with flexible financing options to make surgical and non-surgical procedures more accessible and affordable. Understanding that healthcare costs can be a significant burden, they offer tailored payment plans to accommodate different budgets and financial situations. Patients can apply for financing through a straightforward process, potentially without the need for a perfect credit history. Once approved, they can benefit from manageable monthly payments, allowing them to proceed with their desired procedures without the stress of upfront costs. Rather than worrying about the financial consequences, patients can focus on their journey to confidence and well-being.

Haus of Confidence offers various payment options to meet patient needs. Each company has unique qualifications.

Care Credit:

Care Credit offers a credit card specifically for medical expenses, offering short-term, interest-free financing if paid in full by the end of the promotional period, and long-term financing with fixed monthly payments. It's used for costs not covered by insurance, with credit limits based on the applicant's creditworthiness.


Cherry provides point-of-sale financing for medical procedures, allowing patients to pay in installments without extensive credit checks. It offers immediate approval for a variety of repayment plans, focusing on ease and accessibility for patients needing to manage their healthcare expenses.


PatientFi offers tailored payment plans for elective healthcare services, focusing on affordability with low-interest rates. The application process is simple, with approval not solely based on traditional credit scores, enabling more patients to finance their healthcare needs with flexible options.

United Medical Credit (UMC):

United Medical Credit helps patients obtain loans for various medical procedures through a network of lenders. After a credit check, UMC connects patients with lenders that offer financing options with terms based on the patient's credit profile, facilitating manageable monthly payments for their medical care.

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