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PDO Thread

A PDO Thread Lift is a revolutionary new treatment in medical aesthetics, but PDO threads have been used for decades in various clinical applications. The PDO Thread Lift is versatile and can be used on any facial area. It lifts the face and adds volume to the midface region. This treatment helps manage wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin naturally. The results? Taut, defined, and youthful skin.

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The advantages of this treatment include:

The Treatment

You can trust the professionals at Haus of Confidence to determine your aesthetic goals and make the best choice for tensile strength, efficacy, and quality of treatment. We use smooth and barbed threads around the eyes (for crepey skin), neck (for necklines), the elevens between the brows, etc. This treatment can be performed in place of a lip flip because of its safety and superior results. The treatment stimulates collagen synthesis beneath the skin. The FDA approves it for safety and efficiency. Reports show that hundreds of treatments have been performed, and without adverse allergic reactions or sensitivities to the threads. Reserve your consultation today and learn more about the PDO Thread Lift. During your consultation, we develop a customized treatment plan, walk through the journey together, and present you with optimal solutions.



PDO threads treat several areas of the face, such as the wrinkles near the eyes, cheeks, beneath the eyes, smile lines, lines near the mouth, neck, jowls, jawline, etc.

Your skin will result in peak rejuvenation after one to two months.

The threads are entirely absorbed and dissolve within nine months after treatment.

Yes. You may get tender skin after the procedure.

PDO Threads are inserted within the skin with cannulas, and your provider will zip up sagging skin onto the barbed threads giving you an instant natural lift. Several barbed threads are used on each side for a facelift or neck lift. Smooth threads target wrinkles and replace collagen reduction in a variety of areas. The procedure can take up to sixty minutes to contour, depending on the treated area. There can be slight discomfort throughout the procedure, but we use improved techniques and lidocaine to optimize your comfort. 

Yes, the treatments are safe and side effects are minimal. Our PDO Threads are cannulas that are FDA-approved, sterile, and inserted gently. We take pride in educating our providers on the safest and most effective insertion techniques. 

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