Erectile Dysfunction Shot

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Erectile Dysfunction Shot

The Erectile Dysfunction Shot, also called the Priapus shot, is used to improve men’s sexual wellness. This injectable improves penile sensitivity and sensation and also lengthens it. It uses natural growth factors consisting of your blood cells for treatment. We use medical-grade growth factors for optimal results. Our growth factors have a higher concentration, making them more effective than the standard growth factor injections. It contains collagen, fibrin, elastin, and thrombocytes. These ingredients increase the nerves and blood cells within the penis, improving sensitivity and sensations. Peyronie’s Disease is a curvature of the penis that may interfere with the ability to penetrate. As the growth factors are injected within the scar tissues, it results in complete correction. 

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The advantages of this treatment include:

The Treatment

We'll draw a vial of blood during the procedure and insert it into an advanced machine to make the solution. We may numb the treatment area with a topical anesthetic for maximum comfort. We'll then administer the injections to the targeted area. The procedure takes an hour to perform.


The areas treated include the penile shaft, clitoris, or grafenberg spot.

You’ll see the results after three to six treatments. Most patients also see results after three to four months. It varies and depends on your health.

The results can last two years. We recommend using a vacuum erection device to get optimal results from your treatment. Without this device, you’ll get gradual improvements. 

Yes. You might get sore, bruising, or tenderness on the treatment area that subsides within a few hours.

The Erectile Dysfunction Shot improves sexual stimulation after one treatment and can be administered in several procedures. In a clinical study, men benefited from several treatments, with many choosing to get multiple ongoing treatments to improve their results.  

The Erectile Dysfunction Shot treatment comes from the patient’s body and is natural. The treatment is FDA approved and uses growth factors for rejuvenation. Natural growth factors have optimal rejuvenating and regenerating abilities. We use advanced harvesting techniques to extract the somatic cells.  

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